The 6 Month Pact

Dear Reader,

In February I gave myself 6 months to change things. If things didn’t change my intention was to kill myself in august. As you can probably see it’s almost November which comes 9 months after February and I’m still here. Continue reading


Fears, Anxiety and Dreams

Dear Reader,

I have managed to have a relatively dream free sleep in recent. Well, I don’t remember my dreams if I have them. Maybe that is for the best, as last night I had the weirdest dream I believe I have ever had. In fact, it will be added to my list of weird dreams. Continue reading

Role reversal

Dear Reader,

Going from being looked after to looking after someone is an incredibly confusing thing to experience. In any close relationship (including friendship and family relationships) there inevitably becomes a time where roles reverse. Sometime this is brief, a few minutes or hours, sometimes this is for longer. Continue reading