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This is exactly what most of us feeling when dealing with mental health issues and thank you for letting me post this here:)

Dear Reader,
It seems that mental illnesses in general are marked with a certain stigma, I can only relate to the stigma I have felt for my mental health issues.
You see, I have suffered with a variety of mental health problems for a while now: depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts OCD, Dyslexia and to top it off Aspergers.
All of these things have such a terrible stigma attached and that’s sad. We have all seen the quotes and posters about how you wouldn’t tell someone who had cancer to get better, or someone with a broken leg get up and walk somewhere. And I’m not going to dwell on those things because after all. The majority of us…

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Dear reader

I’m writing this because I need someone to listen. And I know you listen. You read my words and you understand me. And that is so very important to me, because before this I truly felt alone, I felt like no one understood. I, of course, have people in my everyday life that tell me I can “always” talk to them. But I can’t. Everyone else is busy, and that’s ok. I wouldn’t ever expect everyone to drop anything for me. You see, the majority of my friends work in retail, Christmas is a big time for us. It’s stressful, its busy and its hard. The rest of my friends work in offices and don’t really have the time to “deal” with me. Continue reading

No Surprises

Dear Reader,

I’m feeling weird. It seems my medication has made me a little hypo-manic. Hypo-mania is categorised as being lesser than regular mania, but it’s still not great. I read that hypo-mania is a symptom of being on the bipolar spectrum, even when it is medically induced. Maybe this isn’t medication induced. Continue reading

Worker Bees

Dear Reader,

I am frustrated, no, I’m beyond that. I am severely angry. In fact, if I hadn’t promised someone I wouldn’t cut myself this week id be hacking right into my body. Today I learned, on my day off, that a complaint has been made about me by another staff member, a staff member that does nothing. Continue reading

I Don’t Know What I Am Doing

Dear Reader,

I’m getting increasingly worried about my doctor’s appointment on Thursday. It’s stupid that I have spent the past week getting increasingly more worried about this, but I’m also scared. See, to quote my favourite book right now I’m feeling “both happy and sad, and I am still trying to figure out how that can be.” Continue reading