Art Therapy

Dear Reader,

I’m struggling to think of anything to write about right now, it’s strange. Sometimes my head is full and other times it’s not. I’m feeling odd at the moment, I am up and down. I hope I level out soon. The worst thing is I think I would rather be sad than feel this way. At least when I am sad I know where I am.

So for Christmas I got a couple of anti-stress adult colouring books, I found them fun but I kinda forgot they existed until recently. I got them back out and have been frantically colouring.

It’s not so much that it’s relaxing but that I stop thinking. I become almost mindless and sometimes that is what I need. But unfortunately I seem to have made myself completely mindless and now I have nothing to talk about.

Here are some example of colouring I have been doing recently.

(Click to Enlarge)



















As Always,

The Elephant in the Room

17 thoughts on “Art Therapy

  1. You and me both. I’m beginning to go into a depressive slump again, and don’t feel like posting on my blog, yet don’t want to be lazy and just reblog. I tried mandalas last year when I started a program and that is very relaxing, also an art journal. I don’t not to not blog, but when I’m like this I think I’d better stick to coloring and take a wee break! You take care of yourself also. Keep me up to date. *hugs* Deb


  2. These are beautiful! I also find coloring helps me (now if I could just do it instead of other stuff). It’s about making better choices, but I don’t always. Anyway I was going to say that it is OK, if you don’t have anything to say on your blog. It’s hard, but we have to learn to be OK with the space we are in, at each moment. Instead of worrying about what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Just be content with where we are at. I find this very hard, but my pastor’s are helping me to be better about this.


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  3. These are beautiful, i love colouring especially mandalas. I have recently purchased a couple of books myself including one that consists of cats!
    Also discovered a new magazine, i believe it is called the Art therapy journal so i signed up for that too!

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  4. Wow! They came out really beautiful. I have some of these books too and my artwork is not nearly as nice as yours! I got mine out this week after you mentioned in another blog about doing it. I found that it actually gives a chance to think things out and even say them to myself as if I’m venting or something. I’m all by myself later on at night so I can do that. It is kind of nice to let out some thoughts that way because usually I censor myself at all times. Coloring seems to be a distraction of some sort. It takes forever to fill in all that space, though! You really spent a lot of time on these. Good therapy!

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  5. Beautiful artwork. Sometimes when I’m in a slump I use the old assignment method. Any number of ways to do it, but basically out of a hat select 1) a genre 2) a subject 3) a key element and then see what comes out of it. Sometimes it’s wild enough to spur more “serious” creativity. Hoping things turn around for you soon.

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  6. I love coloring too. I have some coloring books like these. I will have to go di them out. I used to have one that was on velum paper. They were called stained glass coloring books. i love those. If you color with magic markers, you can hang them up in a window and light goes through them.
    Really nice coloring and good idea to deal with the obsessive thoughts. Art is good therapy

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  7. Lovely! I draw detailed complex drawings that I spend hours at a time on. They make me concentrate so that I can work things out in my mind. I have revelations pretty often when I do it. It keeps me from chewing on thoughts that repeat in my mind, the feelings of self hate and endless anxiety. Hooray for art therapy!!

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  8. These are lovely.

    I’m into Art Therapy in a big way at the moment too, also finding it the best way to switch off and think of nothing. Unlike you, I don’t seem to have much of a knack for colouring as my hands shake a little, particularly when I’m holding a pen quite tightly!!


  9. Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful. I’ve always loved coloring and I’ve always suspected that it’s quite therapeutic. I’ve always wished I could draw and I can sort of but it’s a lot of work, it’s not just something that comes naturally to me. But I can color! And like you say, you don’t necessarily become mindless but stop thinking. Overthinking is something I am very good at and coloring does help calm an overactive mind. I will have to get some of these!


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