Dear Reader,

In the last few months, I have been nominated for a few awards. I am going to write about them all in this post.

I am very behind on writing this, so I am sorry everyone.

Charlotte over at Panic Disordered nominated me for the Creative Blogger award. Thank you very much Charlotte, I am always so happy to receive award nominations. It makes me feel happy.

The rules for this award are too:

Thank the person who nominated you
Write 5 facts about yourself
Nominate some bloggers and let them know


  • I am terrified of wasps. I was once stung by one as a child and ever since have been absolutely petrified. (I have been stung twice since)
  • I cannot chew peas or beans. I have to swallow them whole…. I honestly have no idea why this is.
  • My favourite thing to eat for breakfast is cold pizza. (I have some from last night for today.)
  • I struggle to spend my days off at home. I often end up going to the town centre and eating my lunch because I get cabin fever at home.
  • I carry a thesaurus in my bag regularly…. it’s a bit battered now

The next award I won was the Very Inspiring Blogger award, I was nominated by Aimee over at Borderline Functional. Thanks Aimee, I love this award 🙂

The rules for this award are:

Thank the person who nominated you
Nominate some other blogs

Finally I was nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award

I was nominated for this award by Annie over at Gentle Kindness. Thank you Annie, I have never heard of this award before. But I really like it!

The rules for this award are:

Thank the person who nominated you
Nominate some other blogs

You may have noticed that I haven’t nominated any blogs and well there is a reason for this.

I can’t decide!

I read so many amazing blogs, I have so many amazing readers that have shared their worlds with me and that really means a lot. So here’s my idea. Instead of nominating blogs.

You, Dear Reader, are the winner, I have nominated you for these three awards.

Please, if you wish, use these awards on your blog.

Thank you so much for reading, thank you so much for your support.

As Always,

The Elephant in the Room

8 thoughts on “Awards!

  1. Congratulations! Your writing, honesty, and courage certainly deserve to be recognized. I have enjoyed following your blog, and I’m glad to see you awarded for your work. Good on you!

    Liked by 1 person

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