Well That Was Unexpected

Dear Reader,

I went to the doctors last week fully expecting to fight. I expected to be shot down and told I was being silly. But I got the opposite. I got exactly what I wanted.

This story begins in February 2015, when I approached my doctor about a possible hypomanic episode I had, He referred me to a psychiatrist who I didn’t feel listened and sent me back to my doctor. After a year of feeling annoyed that I hadn’t really been listened to. I decided my best bet was to go back to my new doctor. But this time, write down all of the symptoms of my most recent hypomanic episode.

So, after a showing my doctor my notes, him reading back through my medical notes, and reading the report from the psychologist, it seems something was missed last time when the report was read and it’s finally happened!

I have been diagnosed with bipolar 2.

I know to some this would not be what they wanted to hear about their own health, and some people are probably shocked as to why I am so happy about this. But this changes and explains so much.

You see now I have the diagnosis on my medical records I can start to get help, I can also start reading up on what I can do to help myself. Currently, I will be sticking with just taking my anti-depressants, I made that decision. but if I have another hypomanic episode in the next few months I will be going to me back to the psychiatrist to talk about other medication options.

I feel like something has been lifted, Its so hard when you know that something isn’t right especially when nobody will give you a straight answer. But finally, I have the official diagnosis that I made myself two years ago!

This is a short post, I’m sorry. but I wanted to update everyone on my new diagnosis. I will write a more interesting post soon.

As Always,

The Elephant in the Room

7 thoughts on “Well That Was Unexpected

  1. Finally!!!! It’s great to get answers and it’s really great to be validated. Now you actually have some power over your own life!!


  2. First, this isn’t a short post, so don’t apologize. I think it’s perfect.

    Great job on standing firm until you finally received a diagnosis. I remember how excited I was to be diagnosed with bipolar. Having a name for what was happening to me made me feel much better.


  3. It is so relieving to be officially diagnosed, and now you’re able to take the steps to learn and help yourself, and know more about the condition! I totally get it, I’m happy you finally got the answers you needed! Stay strong 🙂


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