Hit Me Like A Freight Train

Dear Reader,

I believe in my last post I explained how my therapy had finished and the therapist suggested I go back to my doctor. I think I also explained how I was nervous about that appointment because I didn’t really know what to say besides what I had already said to him on previous visits. Well, I had my appointment and have some good news!

Let me start here by saying that I didn’t sleep well the day before because I was still worried about what to say. I decided to bring up my most recent manic episode again, the one where I went crazy and spent £300 or so pound on Pokemon cards, honestly believing that I could win the next tournament in my city (July 31st, save the date to find out the results!)

He decided fairly instantly that he was going to prescribe me antipsychotics, I’m putting myself in a bad position financially, I get into these highs and I spend everything, and then I get into debt and I can’t help it. I lose all self-control.

So, he prescribed Quetiapine (Seroquel) I have to take 100MG twice a day the first day 150MG twice the second day, 100MG twice the third day and then 200MG twice a day for two weeks when I go back for a second appointment.

I was worrying that I had hit a road block, I didn’t think I was going to get any further then where I was, and then this happened and in all honesty its made me feel better just knowing that I am being taken seriously. That has made such a huge difference to me.

I also showed him this weird dry skin patches I get on the palms of my hands, he wasn’t sure what they were…. even said they could be fungal so he prescribed two creams, ill discuss that in another post im sure. this brings my current med counts to


1ooMG Sertraline
400MG Quetiapine
10MG Loratadine
75 MCG Desogestral

As Needed:

50MG Sildenafil

Two hand creams and a nasal spray. I walk out the pharmacist with a huge bag…. I must look awful taking that much medication out of the pharmacy.

Anyway, I collected my pills on the day but decided to wait until the next day to try them. I had a brief look online at the side effects and saw the main one seemed to be tierdness. Which was fine, I’m always tired. How much more tired could I get?

Oh boy did I underestimate these pills! I’m not going to lie, I’ve taken the odd research chemical recreationally (pre-ban) and nothing has made me feel the way 100 mg of Quetiapine did.

So, I got to work took my pills at the time I usually do but, this time I added 100mg of Quetiapine, it was fine or so I thought. After 20 minutes I felt I was going to pass out everything was spinning, everything was in slow motion, I was slurring my words. It was terrifying, I went from being alright to being so exhausted I looked and sounded like a zombie, I was aware of everything I did, how the keys on the till felt under my fingers. I could hardly keep my eyes open. That was the worst work shift I’ve had, I was absolutely obliterated. That pill hit me like a freight train!

I got home from work, and to be honest I was terrified I was going to get on the wrong bus, luckily I didn’t. I got in the house and pretty much went straight to sleep. I slept from 8pm-10pm. The I woke up to pretend everything was ok to my parents, only to crawl back to bed at 10:45. I took my second dose at this point and slept for another 10 hours. I went to work the next day and felt much better, I took my morning dose and it didn’t seem to effect me badly this time, in fact, my work colleagues commented on how rested I looked, as apparently I generally look like I haven’t slept. So I guess that’s good, anything that turns my brain off long enough for me to get a decent nights sleep is fine by me!

I once again, took my second daily dose before bed, and I slept, I woke up the next morning to take my 100mg and I’ve spent most of today pretty zombie like, but nothing compared to the first day. I can only hope the side effects lessen.

If anyone has had experience of this medication, if you could answer some questions for me that would be fantastic!

what time do you take your doses?

Do the side effects lessen? (mostly the exhaustion)

Do you have any other advice?

Thank you everyone ❤

As Always,

The Elephant in the Room

2 thoughts on “Hit Me Like A Freight Train

  1. I would give it time, new medication especially strong ones take a while to get used to. If you still feel this bad after two or three weeks then go back to it. Do not do what my former house mate did with new meds, get too scared to take it daily, so he only took it the days he thought he could cope with it, thus he never got used to it and now he is worse than ever


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