Who Do I Call When I Get A Bad Customer?

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry, this is different to what I usually post but I just need to rant!


“What’s your head offices number!” is huffed at me by irate customers on a regular basis. But, who do I call when I have a bad customer? If I was to call security every time I got shouted at by a customer then they may as well just come and work in my store!

You see the public has been led to believe that “the customer is always right” but often they are wrong, so very, very wrong.

“I know my rights!” I hear you roar from the other side of the counter that’s making you feel so warrior like, but do you? Do you know your rights? The problem is people listen to people like Martin Lewis and only hear the parts they want to hear. Yes, you are entitled to a refund. If an item is faulty. Yes we do have a refund policy, but if you return a non faulty item after our contractually agreed time of 28 days, then sorry. Sucks to be you!

You see, I pride myself on being a good customer, I do my best to have a laugh with a cashier because having a fun time with customers is what I love about my job. I know that I have never written to a company to say I received good service, in fact Its on my bucket list to do so. That’s right! Number 86 of 100 “Write a letter to a customer service department to tell them they have done a good job” Its on the list because I know how rare it is to receive something that says “good job!” but for every one letter about good service there are a thousand saying we gave bad service.

So, this rant began when I realized that a customer who had been rude to me had made a comment on Facebook. It annoyed me because the comment makes her seem as though she is not at fault when actually she was the one who began with the attitude even throwing an item at me because I said we had no more. Yet there is no reference of those things in her message. But is also made me feel happy because she clearly isn’t internet savvi enough to realise she had complained to the wrong page. Har har.

Bad customers deserve bad customer service. If you have ever worked in retail you will know that if a customer is polite then you feel obligated to do everything in your power to provide good service, I know I do. And I know those customers will go home with a warm fuzzy feeling probably mention it to their friends and that will be the end of it.

An angry customer today, who “knew her rights” said she would complain by posting about her service on Facebook because “Facebook says a thousand words” Well, I know from experience that when my friends share posts talking about “poor service” or really pretty much anything to do with service I glaze over and genuinely reconsider our friendship.

And then we come to the worst offenders, the customers who overplay the victim card “I was in hospital for three weeks” “I’ve been on safari on the moon for three weeks” Unfortunately (for you). Not my problem. Its like you know in the X- factor, when a contestant starts crying after the audition and tells a story about how their entire family died in a freak hot air balloon crash? Well, thanks Simon Cowell! Now everyone and their dog thinks that if they tell me a sad story ill fell bad for them and give them whatever they want. Well, Welcome to the real world ya bell end! You don’t get shit out of me.

And bellowing at me about how your life isn’t fair isn’t going to help either of us. Do you not think I am suicidal enough working in a clothes store which caters to mostly menopausal women?

But at the end of the day, you get bad service usually when you are a bad customer, you come to me rattling the the first 5 pages of the consumer rights act (casually missing out the parts that aren’t important, aka the facts.) then of course! I am going to become defensive, of course I am, because I to am a human being and not an android created for your retail pleasure. So in a world where “the customer is always right” its people like me, the slave workers who have to take the shit. We all know when that customer complains to a higher up they will forgo the rules, handed down to us from the consumer rights gods, give them a a refund, a £10 voucher, a wank and a bag of crisps, Leaving that customer come back and wave it in our faces.

So thank you bad customers of the world, thank you for reminding me that there are still shitty people out there.

As Always,

The Elephant in the Room

4 thoughts on “Who Do I Call When I Get A Bad Customer?

  1. Can definitely relate here, I’m an admin assistant and the customer service aspect is very draining. Hang in there!



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