Cold Turkey: An Apology

I am an idiot. And that is the truth. I am about to write something that I am actually incredibly ashamed about. Even if I don’t understand my own actions at this time. it’s hard to know that I purposely put myself in danger.
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Post University Debt

Dear Reader,

When you become a student’s person literally throw money at you. Which is stupid, because if I know anything, it is that the majority of people (students or not) is stupid when it comes to money, especially when they are given a large amount of it. Continue reading


Dear Reader,

I have been going through a bit of a rough patch recently as I am sure you are aware from my posts. My mood swings have gotten pretty crazy, but I think this may be to do with my medication, maybe I need an increase, or maybe to just try something entirely different, something which I will discuss with my doctor when I visit next. Continue reading

Hoarding and Impulse Buying

Dear Reader,

I am an impulse buyer, and a bit of a hoarder, my problem generally is limited to optical media (and cartridge/tape/vinyl). My Film / Game / Music collection is far too big. I haven’t played or watched the majority of the things I own and probably never will. Just last year I threw away over 300 cases of DVDs and kept the discs because they were taking up so much room I couldn’t do anything in my bedroom. Continue reading

The Support of Family

Dear Reader,

We are brought up to believe our parents will always be there for us. But we get to a point where we can look after ourselves. It’s at this point, in our relationship with our parents, that things change. And whilst I always thought my parents would be there for me (and I’m sure if I could get over my fear and told them the truth, they would be to an extent) there comes a time when you start to realise what’s best for your parents, what is gong to upset them and what they really need to know and sometimes not telling then things is actually better for them than telling them everything. Continue reading

Not a Diary Entry, a Chronicling of my Mental Instability

Dear Reader,

I’ve sat on this post for about a week, I didn’t want my blog to become a daily diary, I wanted it to be a chronicle of my random experiences. But, as I have mentioned before when I have written a diary-esque pieces sometimes I think they are useful for me to see my daily decline. I write these pieces over the day. This one was written over a day last week during an especially stressful day at work where I was basically left to be the parent of a group of immature staff children. What follows is the deterioration of my mental wellbeing over the day. Continue reading