Sorry It’s Been So Long

Dear Reader,

So it really has been quite a while since my last post, and I think its been good for me. You see a lot has happened, good, bad etc. But it means that I finally feel I have something useful and interesting to say to you all. So I’ll be gradually telling you about my last few weeks, over the next few posts.

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What Its Like Being Undiagnosed Autistic.

Dear Reader,

I was born in 1989, 26 years ago. It’s strange to think that in the 90’s which to me does not feel that long ago, autism wasn’t really looked for or even screened in a lot of children. Parents had to actively look for these things. My problem here is that my parents do not understand autism and I am high functioning, and I think that it may have masked the possibility of their being something wrong.  Continue reading

Pitty and fear: Or, Why I Am Not Yet Ready To Be Referred

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my first post for Blog For Mental Health 2015. Please find more information about this fantastic project here: Its really easy to take part and help raise awareness.

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Post University Debt

Dear Reader,

When you become a student’s person literally throw money at you. Which is stupid, because if I know anything, it is that the majority of people (students or not) is stupid when it comes to money, especially when they are given a large amount of it. Continue reading

If All Else Fails You Can Blame It On Me

Dear Reader,

Something I really don’t understand is why people care about me. That sounded a lot more ominous than I wanted it to. What I mean is, people see the good in me that I can’t force myself to see. When you spend a lot of time with someone, their true character comes out, I know my true character and I am not proud of myself. I would be very skeptical of myself if I was to meet myself, and maybe that’s why I instantly take a dislike to people who I see certain character traits in that I have. Continue reading


Dear Reader,

“I’m stressed!” My Mother proclaims as she thrusts a doctor’s note in my face. Two weeks off for her to sit and nap in a chair and two weeks of hell for me where I become a prisoner in my own bedroom to escape the nagging. Continue reading