Knot in my Throat

Dear Reader,

I have been struggling a lot recently, I have wanted to post but I have either forgot, got side tracked or just not really been bothered. Please don’t think that is a reflection on you, I want to write for you. I just don’t really know what to say sometimes. Continue reading

What Its Like Being Undiagnosed Autistic.

Dear Reader,

I was born in 1989, 26 years ago. It’s strange to think that in the 90’s which to me does not feel that long ago, autism wasn’t really looked for or even screened in a lot of children. Parents had to actively look for these things. My problem here is that my parents do not understand autism and I am high functioning, and I think that it may have masked the possibility of their being something wrong.  Continue reading

Could I Write A Book?

Dear Reader,

Last week I was telling a friend of mine that since helping to clear my nans house I was feeling down. To cut a long story short I told her that sometimes I get to a point where I am beyond down, I’m frustrated or just exhausted and I think “maybe I should just kill myself.” in response to this she asked me “What is so bad in your life?”

Continue reading