Planning Through Mental Health

Dear Reader,

I want to start with a disclaimer. This is not an advert, I am not affiliated with Cogtoolz I am not getting paid or rewarded with anything for talking about this. I just think its something that could be beneficial to a lot of us. For a long time, I’ve tried to find a planner that really works for me. I’ve used Filofaxes and diaries and they lack something and I’ve never been sure what that was. But, I found something called Cogtoolz. And it looks really interesting.

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Hit Me Like A Freight Train

Dear Reader,

I believe in my last post I explained how my therapy had finished and the therapist suggested I go back to my doctor. I think I also explained how I was nervous about that appointment because I didn’t really know what to say besides what I had already said to him on previous visits. Well, I had my appointment and have some good news! Continue reading