My Stronger Autistic Traits

Dear Reader,

This is a difficult post for me, it’s hard for me to admit certain autistic traits I have. I have only known about my Aspergers for 3 years now. Those around me that know about it would probably assume I have no problem with it because I constantly make jokes out of things I do and refer to them as “my autisms” but those that don’t know I have Aspergers probably won’t ever know. It’s not something I broadcast, not because I’m embarrassed, but because people don’t really understand the autism spectrum. And, it changes the way people think about you when they think you have “something wrong with you” Aspergers isn’t good, it isn’t fun. It makes my brain work differently to others. It makes me say inappropriate things, it makes me feel stupid sometimes, It makes me feel inferior. I am fully aware of when I do certain things, that I am doing them because of my Aspergers. Continue reading