Mind Over Matter

Dear Reader,

This post is probably going to be quite long, it’s also probably going to be a little bit boring for long time readers as I need to recap. But it has been a long time and quite a lot has happened in the last three weeks.

Trigger Warning: Self Harm mention

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Now What’s Wrong With Me?

Dear Reader,

So, I’ve been struggling to get this out. To be honest I’m still struggling now and I feel like I am talking nonsense. or I don’t know. But I read this post over at Walking After Midnight and it made me realise that sometimes It’s ok to just say something, even if you don’t really understand it.

I have had the weirdest 5 days. I have not been myself and whilst I feel its not the first time I have felt this way. It’s been strange for me because this time I have taken much more notice of my sudden behavioural change.  Continue reading