Crash Landing Imminent

Dear Reader,

I thought I would at least have a few days where I was ok over christmas but sadly not. Christmas was not the day I wanted it to be. I ended up going to the hospital for two hours.  Continue reading

Worker Bees

Dear Reader,

I am frustrated, no, I’m beyond that. I am severely angry. In fact, if I hadn’t promised someone I wouldn’t cut myself this week id be hacking right into my body. Today I learned, on my day off, that a complaint has been made about me by another staff member, a staff member that does nothing. Continue reading

Social Anxiety

Dear Reader,

I know you shouldn’t diagnose yourself on the internet, but I have never been wrong about a diagnosis I have made about myself in the past. I diagnosed myself with depression before visiting a doctor. I diagnosed myself with dyslexia before being tested and I diagnosed myself with Aspergers¬†before the assessment for that.

Continue reading