Planning Through Mental Health

Dear Reader,

I want to start with a disclaimer. This is not an advert, I am not affiliated with Cogtoolz I am not getting paid or rewarded with anything for talking about this. I just think its something that could be beneficial to a lot of us. For a long time, I’ve tried to find a planner that really works for me. I’ve used Filofaxes and diaries and they lack something and I’ve never been sure what that was. But, I found something called Cogtoolz. And it looks really interesting.

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Art Therapy

Dear Reader,

I’m struggling to think of anything to write about right now, it’s strange. Sometimes my head is full and other times it’s not. I’m feeling odd at the moment, I am up and down. I hope I level out soon. The worst thing is I think I would rather be sad than feel this way. At least when I am sad I know where I am. Continue reading


Dear Reader,

I have been going through a bit of a rough patch recently as I am sure you are aware from my posts. My mood swings have gotten pretty crazy, but I think this may be to do with my medication, maybe I need an increase, or maybe to just try something entirely different, something which I will discuss with my doctor when I visit next. Continue reading